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I’d Like to Be a Poet

This poem began as kind of a silly tribute to Dr. Seuss, at whom I marvel for at least two (though there are many more) reasons.  He is one of the very few authors that nearly everyone has read.  His words have an amazing ability to express profound messages in the simplest of ways.

I’d like to be a poet,
Or better yet a mountain climber.

I shall climb Mount Rhyme,
To find that I’m on time.
Says the sign, it is nine,
Which is fine, but were it ten
Too far behind, I may not climb.

I’d like to be a poet,
Or better yet an explorer.

Within the jungle I shall find
All manner of life among the vines,
Knowledge divine, without confines,
Of rigid lines, made by men,
As I leave behind the old design.

I’d like to be a poet,
Or better yet a bird in flight.

I shall explore the sky sublime,
Breathe in the air yet unconfined,
Aloft, with the wind entwined,
Sunlight enshrined. Search on again,
For truth that mind has not defined.


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There is irony in the feeling of pure wonder when we stop and consider the span of our lives as a quantifiable experience.  While we focus on certain moments deemed worthy of anticipatory countdowns, so many others pass without any acknowledgment.

Life is many days
Tell you this I know
And beg forgive, they’re not my words
But truth passed from ago

Moments in a second lost
Are never found again
Invest not in the wares of time
The commodity of when

The breadth of minute grasp
Is ne’er enough to hold
A slip from hands gone sweeping by
An hour has yet grown old

Breathe between the constant ticks
When breath is but a gasp
And cradle precious memory
Lest forgotten be the past

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December 21, 2013 · 9:28 pm

Writing, writing everywhere, nor any thought to think


Onward go
The marching masses
Occupied by
Mundane madness
Escape attempt
Through each excess
Nearer everyday
To that which
Some may call bliss

Feigned a look
With eyes averted
Reality left us
Thus we left
The truth deserted
And settled for
A story told that we
Could easily dismiss

A second more and
We grew weary
The audience mood
Was dark and dreary
By man made light
It looked so eerie
Distraction hid
From our sight
All that was amiss

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When I Aspired to be Silent

I do not want to claim these words
And curse if they claim me
For with them anger lies in wait
Beneath placidity

But ire abides by silence not
The voice has yet to see
Beyond the glare of blinding hate
Eyes seek humility

A hope persists that soon subsides
The fire once stoked by rage
And from the ashes will arise
Kind words more calmly sage

And come the day the path of time
Draws near its winding end
I’ll wish once more the words were for
Beginning once again

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