I walked along a moonlit garden

This week’s poem is one that was written almost a decade ago.  It’s interesting to re-read the things I wrote when I was younger.  Some of them read like a diary written in my own cipher.  Others work like a map, pointing me back to some moment of inspiration, the birth of an idea that I thought highly enough about to take note of.

I walked along a moonlit garden
Paled by autumn’s chill
And through the faded, wilting remains
Some color lingered still
Dim light beamed down upon a crown
Of petals yet fiery red
A king stood in his glory
That a frost could not claim dead
I waited on until the dawn
With hope that warmth was near
And when I glimpsed the rising sun
It turned aside my fear
Upon the ground new life was found
That grew before my eyes
It told me many promises
From out beyond the skies


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