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Sometimes, when I go back and read a poem, I’m not sure how I feel about it.  This poem is one of those.  I don’t dislike it, but there’s something about it that makes me uneasy.  I was going to post it a few weeks ago, and made it public before I was ready to do so.  Several people commented before I had a chance to take it down, which was more of a response than I had anticipated, and so it has returned, this time with intention of staying.



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Turning it off

I’m just as guilty as the next person sitting in front of that illuminated screen, wasting my time, but there was a period of a couple of years when I didn’t have cable.  Never have I been so wonderfully out of touch with meaningless pop culture.  

Oh say can you see
The death throes of philosophy?
Ignorant but blissfully
Blind but I don’t need to see
Everything is fed to me
Reading books is blasphemy
When sustenance is on TV
Give me time and I will be
Equally a devotee
Enraptured by the bland debris
Of self-absorbed society

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I fell in love with running on a treadmill, and enjoyed it right up until I began running outside.  My affinity for running was reborn on tree-lined trails, where animals ignored me for just one more creature scurrying around the forest.  The early morning is my favorite time of day to run.  The air still feels like night, but the sun promises something new.

We haunt the morning forest
With breathless words
That might be hello
Or a sound without meaning

A glimpse between trees
The distant confirmation
That we are not the only
Star left in the sky

Vanishing on light steps
Assured that despite
The difference of our direction
Our destination is the same

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A Midwinter’s Dream of Summer

A spark among the shadow grows
Kindled by reluctant trees
Beneath the azure sky it glows
Portent of night, the whisper of leaves

Crackling fervor, growth into light
Climbing branches one by one
Leaping in the mosquito night
Midair through flight becomes undone

Drifting wisp of tendrils slate
Higher without hesitation
Obscured until oncoming fate
Reveals a death of dissipation

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