The Life of Dreams

I tarried in the darkness
Where sleep in shadow dwelt
Waiting while he bowed his head
Beside his bed he knelt

I studied when that head did rest
Upon the pillow with eyes closed
I watched the rising of his breast
Approached in silence while he dozed

I poised above the sleeping frame
Observed the quarry as he slumbered
The peace within his face proclaimed
His drowsing mind was unencumbered

I took the cue to start my work
Unleashed upon the carefree slate
All type of fear dredged from the murk
And beasts born of the blindest hate

He writhed as each new vision passed
His heart was pulsing wild with fear
Throughout the night until at last
The hint of daybreak sun crept near

I mourned the silence as it broke
The clock struck morning once again
And when he woke the dream’s truth spoke
I found that I had never been


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One response to “The Life of Dreams

  1. Carol

    Love this one!


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