The Lost Captain

Upon an ocean westward bound
A captain many days and then
They cast me off the ship aground
Forty vile and mutinous men

A favored wind was at our back
Horizons left an empty sea
I never changed the course or tack
And sailed us past the last known quay

Their plotted secrets unbeknownst
Their whispered plan was never heard
But once in sight of foreign coast
They deposed me without word

Fear drove the reason from their heads
Horrors and myths of unknown shores
Haunted the crew within their beds
Wild omens not to be ignored

They stranded me as penance here
A sacrifice to save their hope
I watched the white sails disappear
Collapsed upon the sandy slope

And when the first sounds reached my ears
Of unseen things in forest’s shade
I found the tales were not just fears
Saw my mistakes for hubris made

A fond remembrance of the sun
Sparkling crimson on each wave
From fate I knew I could not run
As my new home became my grave


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