Though sun shines upon that dwelling
The darkest place is yet unseen
Its tale deserves one last telling
From memory that’s failed to glean
The meaning of what dwells in there
What waits within the dreary walls
With hunger that it cannot bear
For steps within abandoned halls

No lock fit through the rusting hasp
The hinges groaned in deference
The door did not resist my grasp
My path was lost from that day hence
I climbed and sought the upper floor
Beckoned on down a rambling hall
That ended in an open door
I could not stop held in that thrall

I entered though I could not see
In darkness that hung like a shroud
The horror that awaited me
And fearful in its grasp I cowed
Its eyes were pooled with visions bleak
That showed the dread within my soul
Like mirrors that I did not seek
That held me under their control

It tempted me with empty peace
If I would humanity trade
For promise of a sweet release
A being in my image made
A replica of deadened hands
That held me there against my will
Not governed by the hourglass sands
A curse that I would not fulfill

Upon release I fled that place
And sought again the noonday sun
I felt not warmth upon my face
But chill that I could not outrun
Close my eyes but yet I see
The pall that was hung over me
Within my mind will always be
A hinting of that entropy


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