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I do not know where we will go
I cannot tell you anymore
We’ll find our dreams or so it seems
Upon some other distant shore

We chase that way from day to day
And yet we can’t catch anything
Resting deep in distraction’s sleep
The slumbering of a crownless king

No closed eyes see what yet may be
Beyond imagination’s reach
We spend our lives where darkness thrives
Ignoring what the world can teach

The clock unwinds and then we find
We are without what’s not within
Before I woke the dream’s truth spoke
I found that I had never been



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Writer’s Block

Waiting to spring a cunning trap
I perched among the nearby rocks
And listened for the smallest scrap
A word, the prey I sought to stalk

Between held breaths I dared to hope
That soon would syllables appear
Beneath me on the barren slope
Caught in spite of voiceless fear

When sprung the trap I clambered down
Grasping quarry with greedy hands
Unmoved by either verb or noun
I bent the word to my demands

Imprisoned them from ink to print
Forced on them a paper sentence
Of remorse there was no hint
Desperate scribes deny repentance

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Breathing in to hold the moment
Tomorrow flies on borrowed wings
Answers go in search of questions
Pondering the myriad things
There exist no means of counting
The quantity of mysteries
That fail not ever to evade
Despite our most desirous pleas
And so to live the constant quest
To learn without acuity
To strive with all that we possess
Yet live with ambiguity

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