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The Door

This is a throwback in two different ways.  I wrote the original poem when I was a sophomore in high school, and then about four years ago I began creating some visual accompaniment for some of my poetry.  This was one of the first poems that I “illustrated”.  Happy Halloween to all of you who take the time to read, like, and share my posts!Door2


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The Chase

To chase the unseen
Is to grasp at the wind
Fingers entwined with
Nothing that’s been

Proven beyond
A dubious doubt
There is no promise
Life is without

Compass direction
Though travel is sure
The map not intended
For guidance obscure

The waning of daylight
From stars that have gone
Reaching through darkness
In search of the dawn

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Questions Are Bigger

The questions are bigger than answers I find
I hope to discover with eyes that are blind
Their vision protected from all glaring fear
Returning attention and tuning the ear
To dreadfully bear every negative word
Deaf ears that abandon all gloom yet unheard
Even with hands that may go without feeling
Fingers reach outward attuned to revealing
If mystery’s shroud above all shall remain
In shadows that safeguard the hidden arcane
Tomorrow pursues the endeavor again

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