The Minion (part 2)

On silent wings through morning sky
Until he found the wooded glade
The Minion found his master there
A wizened face obscured by shade
“What have you there?” the master said
“The souls of those felled by my blade”
“Who spied you leave the city gate?”
The Minion snarled, “I’ve not betrayed”

“And still there is no doubt you’ll see
They’ll find you here right where you stand”
The Minion bared his teeth and growled
The old man waved a wrinkled hand
He froze the beast there to the ground
The woven spell his last command
A curse to rid the beast of wings
And force his fate upon the land

Within the glade the servant slept
And passed long hours in airborne dreams
Until the mob upon him chanced
Revealed by sunlight’s wayward beams
Beneath the canopy they crept
Their sword blades armed with sharpened gleams
They fell on him a vengeful dance
And filled the woods with earthbound screams


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