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Elemental Words

There are days when words are like fire
Both light and destruction entwined
A solace that burns as it twists and it turns
Granting sight while rendering blind

There are days when words are like stones
Obdurate, unbending, yet known
Containing within, beneath jagged shale skin
Hardened wisdom as if it were bone

There are days when words are like water
The tumultuous sea now demure
A peaceful moment misread as an omen
Dark tragedies have an allure

There are days when words are like air
Breath of life, yet invisibly there
For all to perceive, but some to believe
Respiration will make them aware


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By Definition

When I was asked to define happiness
I spent a silent moment wondering
If there were words enough
To address such a question
For in that instant
A synonym would not suffice
An adjective would not describe
There was not a sound with meaning
In that expressionless quiet
I found myself instead asking
If a thing exists
Because it has a definition
Or if it has a definition
Because it exists

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