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Planning the Past

While we waited, trying our best
To ponder out a plan
A shape for the future
We couldn’t see
It was already upon us
There was no slowing its advance
No staunching the flow of time
The bleeding of moments
The slipping away
Of all that once lay before us
It unraveled like a spool of twine
From order to chaos
The strands gathering around our feet
Like rising floodwater
Impossible to swim
Our vacillation
No match for the current
We lamented
That we couldn’t just plan
The past instead


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Recurring Dream

An elaborate and winding stair reaches an upper floor
Of a building that holds no great historical significance
Where a reverent hush stills the air
That smells of memories like sun-washed photos
Souvenirs forgotten that remind but never capture
The moments that didn’t feel like they would ever need revisiting
No line, no admission, no ticket stub to betray time or location
Words become bygone necessity last used before the passage back
Along an immeasurable distance and direction
Arrival brings nostalgia at the sights
That might disappear in a blink
When I close my eyes again

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