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Recurring Dream

An elaborate and winding stair reaches an upper floor
Of a building that holds no great historical significance
Where a reverent hush stills the air
That smells of memories like sun-washed photos
Souvenirs forgotten that remind but never capture
The moments that didn’t feel like they would ever need revisiting
No line, no admission, no ticket stub to betray time or location
Words become bygone necessity last used before the passage back
Along an immeasurable distance and direction
Arrival brings nostalgia at the sights
That might disappear in a blink
When I close my eyes again


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The Artist

I commissioned the artist
To make me a saint
To laud me, exalt me
Pay homage in paint

Once it had dried
The canvas was bare
Despite all the brushstrokes
I was not there

I questioned the sculptor
The deftest of hands
If his skills could render
The highest demands

Assured of perfection
Exactness of form
And yet to his fingers
Shapes would not conform

I asked the composer
To craft me a song
A melody to which
Worthy tributes belong

Disjointed, subdued
With dissonance merge
The notes that instead
Composed me a dirge

I looked to my hands
With paper and pen
And asked of no one
To fail yet again

Though nobody saw
And nobody heard
I took quiet moments
To write down the word

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I do not know where we will go
I cannot tell you anymore
We’ll find our dreams or so it seems
Upon some other distant shore

We chase that way from day to day
And yet we can’t catch anything
Resting deep in distraction’s sleep
The slumbering of a crownless king

No closed eyes see what yet may be
Beyond imagination’s reach
We spend our lives where darkness thrives
Ignoring what the world can teach

The clock unwinds and then we find
We are without what’s not within
Before I woke the dream’s truth spoke
I found that I had never been


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The Life of Dreams

I tarried in the darkness
Where sleep in shadow dwelt
Waiting while he bowed his head
Beside his bed he knelt

I studied when that head did rest
Upon the pillow with eyes closed
I watched the rising of his breast
Approached in silence while he dozed

I poised above the sleeping frame
Observed the quarry as he slumbered
The peace within his face proclaimed
His drowsing mind was unencumbered

I took the cue to start my work
Unleashed upon the carefree slate
All type of fear dredged from the murk
And beasts born of the blindest hate

He writhed as each new vision passed
His heart was pulsing wild with fear
Throughout the night until at last
The hint of daybreak sun crept near

I mourned the silence as it broke
The clock struck morning once again
And when he woke the dream’s truth spoke
I found that I had never been

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