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The Quietest Hour

I savor the morning’s quietest hours
When the moon is pried from the fingers of night
And dawn creeps along the horizon
Shooing away the darkness, whose time has past
The heavens transform
From star speckled gloom to azure canvas
Revealing possibility
The birth of purpose
Motion sings the dirge of inertia
An echoing foot fall into the unknown


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A Hope Like Light

I am a failure at playing
The unrelenting constant
The stone that won’t be swept
In the hurry of the current
Spending wasted wishes
For the water to grow roots
And stand sentry
Both as wall and roof
Against wind and rain
Protecting all below
From the very thing
That it once was
If there is change
Let it be growth
And understanding
To find harmony in discord
Illumination in defeat
A hope like light
When the world is dark

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The Last Day of School

With a heavy heart I hope for you
Dreams in all their beauty true
Paths that lead to sunny days
I trust in you as we part ways
To choose as only you can choose
Build a place to house your muse
Forget not words that hold some meaning
And hear the good amidst the keening
The wonder in your widened eyes
An anxious wish denied disguise
The outbound door has been thrown wide
Behold the limitless other side
Travel well toward journey’s end
Shape the road on which you wend

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