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The Quietest Hour

I savor the morning’s quietest hours
When the moon is pried from the fingers of night
And dawn creeps along the horizon
Shooing away the darkness, whose time has past
The heavens transform
From star speckled gloom to azure canvas
Revealing possibility
The birth of purpose
Motion sings the dirge of inertia
An echoing foot fall into the unknown


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We wish for a word like a light in the dark
Belief that is held in a sound
Imparted to be a truth we can see
A sense of direction is found

Ambiguous shapes converge in the gloom
Creating the shadow of doubt
A mid-tunnel light, disruption of night
Meandering sightless without

To tread on blind steps and to be never sure
Wait not for the glimmer returned
But trust that within is contained what has been
The world exists to be learned

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Breathing in to hold the moment
Tomorrow flies on borrowed wings
Answers go in search of questions
Pondering the myriad things
There exist no means of counting
The quantity of mysteries
That fail not ever to evade
Despite our most desirous pleas
And so to live the constant quest
To learn without acuity
To strive with all that we possess
Yet live with ambiguity

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