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In the Shadow

I never took a breath
With want that it be wasted
I never took a sip
Without a savor tasted
I never heard a sound
Not miraculous in ring
I never saw but beauty
Within each and every thing

For when this day is over
And eyes see naught but sleep
It may be only memory
Of this life left to keep
And if it’s only darkness
Into which we disappear
I’ll squander not a moment
Of the time we’re given here



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The Quietest Hour

I savor the morning’s quietest hours
When the moon is pried from the fingers of night
And dawn creeps along the horizon
Shooing away the darkness, whose time has past
The heavens transform
From star speckled gloom to azure canvas
Revealing possibility
The birth of purpose
Motion sings the dirge of inertia
An echoing foot fall into the unknown

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The Chase

To chase the unseen
Is to grasp at the wind
Fingers entwined with
Nothing that’s been

Proven beyond
A dubious doubt
There is no promise
Life is without

Compass direction
Though travel is sure
The map not intended
For guidance obscure

The waning of daylight
From stars that have gone
Reaching through darkness
In search of the dawn

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We wish for a word like a light in the dark
Belief that is held in a sound
Imparted to be a truth we can see
A sense of direction is found

Ambiguous shapes converge in the gloom
Creating the shadow of doubt
A mid-tunnel light, disruption of night
Meandering sightless without

To tread on blind steps and to be never sure
Wait not for the glimmer returned
But trust that within is contained what has been
The world exists to be learned

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If, for now

If a quiet moment exists
It is for my ears only
If there is a stillness
It’s not found within

If easy it stirs,
Then bearing bright sunshine
And squalling, frenetic
When ushering gloom

If ever the motion
Grows weary, too certain
And wonder becomes
That which I entreat

If mundane succeeds
It will be stasis
I’ll mourn in the end

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The Cord

There is a cord that stretches between
All things though its meaning is often unseen
Woven with fibers of unending thread
It flows out beyond through both living and dead

Connecting all actions and bridging all words
It carries a message that seldom is heard
Above the mad din of a world that moves on
Forgetting the moment remembering it’s gone

In denying the ear the sound is dismissed
Refusal to listen to what’s in our midst
To silence our voices is not what we choose
We must be heard else afraid we will lose

So we grasp not the role that each of us play
Deafened by what we think we should say
Identify little with all that surrounds
And see not our tie to that which abounds

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