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In the Shadow

I never took a breath
With want that it be wasted
I never took a sip
Without a savor tasted
I never heard a sound
Not miraculous in ring
I never saw but beauty
Within each and every thing

For when this day is over
And eyes see naught but sleep
It may be only memory
Of this life left to keep
And if it’s only darkness
Into which we disappear
I’ll squander not a moment
Of the time we’re given here



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Elemental Words

There are days when words are like fire
Both light and destruction entwined
A solace that burns as it twists and it turns
Granting sight while rendering blind

There are days when words are like stones
Obdurate, unbending, yet known
Containing within, beneath jagged shale skin
Hardened wisdom as if it were bone

There are days when words are like water
The tumultuous sea now demure
A peaceful moment misread as an omen
Dark tragedies have an allure

There are days when words are like air
Breath of life, yet invisibly there
For all to perceive, but some to believe
Respiration will make them aware

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Early Birds

The sleepless morning light creeps through
The crowns of barren trees
Filled with birds whose singing sounds
A warbling mockery
A second look reveals the truth
As wings take to the sky
Circling high, a soaring climb
The carrion creatures fly
Stumbling feet attempt escape
And fail to move instead
A baseless statue held in place
Cemented there by dread
The night deprived the sky of stars
Accursed lack of light
When the morning sun appeared
It brought a darker sight
Wheeling high in search of prey
With hunger haunted eyes
On wings arrived the fateful day
I met with my demise

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The Minion (part 3)

The master watched the grim demise
With spreading smile upon his face
The terror called the Minion fell
The bloodied copse turned cursed place
Where summoned servant met the end
An anger-driven blade’s embrace
And deep into the shadows slipped
Escaped the master without trace

In Arnisten the people fear
A visit ‘neath the moonlit sky
The Minion Towers stand there now
Guarding with a watchful eye
The stories of that day are told
While some dare laugh and yet some cry
The nighttime nourishes our dread
That in the darkness we may die

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The Minion (part 2)

On silent wings through morning sky
Until he found the wooded glade
The Minion found his master there
A wizened face obscured by shade
“What have you there?” the master said
“The souls of those felled by my blade”
“Who spied you leave the city gate?”
The Minion snarled, “I’ve not betrayed”

“And still there is no doubt you’ll see
They’ll find you here right where you stand”
The Minion bared his teeth and growled
The old man waved a wrinkled hand
He froze the beast there to the ground
The woven spell his last command
A curse to rid the beast of wings
And force his fate upon the land

Within the glade the servant slept
And passed long hours in airborne dreams
Until the mob upon him chanced
Revealed by sunlight’s wayward beams
Beneath the canopy they crept
Their sword blades armed with sharpened gleams
They fell on him a vengeful dance
And filled the woods with earthbound screams

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The Artist

I commissioned the artist
To make me a saint
To laud me, exalt me
Pay homage in paint

Once it had dried
The canvas was bare
Despite all the brushstrokes
I was not there

I questioned the sculptor
The deftest of hands
If his skills could render
The highest demands

Assured of perfection
Exactness of form
And yet to his fingers
Shapes would not conform

I asked the composer
To craft me a song
A melody to which
Worthy tributes belong

Disjointed, subdued
With dissonance merge
The notes that instead
Composed me a dirge

I looked to my hands
With paper and pen
And asked of no one
To fail yet again

Though nobody saw
And nobody heard
I took quiet moments
To write down the word

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The Chase

To chase the unseen
Is to grasp at the wind
Fingers entwined with
Nothing that’s been

Proven beyond
A dubious doubt
There is no promise
Life is without

Compass direction
Though travel is sure
The map not intended
For guidance obscure

The waning of daylight
From stars that have gone
Reaching through darkness
In search of the dawn

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We wish for a word like a light in the dark
Belief that is held in a sound
Imparted to be a truth we can see
A sense of direction is found

Ambiguous shapes converge in the gloom
Creating the shadow of doubt
A mid-tunnel light, disruption of night
Meandering sightless without

To tread on blind steps and to be never sure
Wait not for the glimmer returned
But trust that within is contained what has been
The world exists to be learned

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I found a random scribble
Looking for a home
Coupled it with other words
Choosing not to roam

Gathered them within the folds
Treated them to rhyme
Watched them as the found their way
Ignorant of time

Happily they took their place
Pleased by company
Line by line their voice was heard
Singing harmony

Collected each, one and all
Hidden, they were mined
Syllables and living sounds
Brought to light to find

Meaning that had not been seen
In the dark was lost
Helped the ink to printed page
Threshold dared and crossed

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A summer sojourn in the sun
From hazy webs the day is spun
And lazy afternoons prolonged
Amid all type of wordless song

A damping fog yet lingers there
Despite the stirring in the air
Restless call begs to be heeded
Sprouting thought needs to be seeded

Passing hours without number
Autumn waits to wake from slumber
Fledgling fire that was not cherished
From neglect idea perished

So set the poet once again
Upon a winding journey then
To seek the word and find the sound
To steal a glimpse of the profound

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