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In the Shadow

I never took a breath
With want that it be wasted
I never took a sip
Without a savor tasted
I never heard a sound
Not miraculous in ring
I never saw but beauty
Within each and every thing

For when this day is over
And eyes see naught but sleep
It may be only memory
Of this life left to keep
And if it’s only darkness
Into which we disappear
I’ll squander not a moment
Of the time we’re given here



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We grow tired from the chase
As if time were something to be caught
A prize to be hunted
Mounted above the mantel
As a conversation piece
When moments pass
With nothing to say
That isn’t reminiscence
While forgetting that
Every second is a first
Every while a prey
That might be captured
If we lie long enough in wait

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In summer I meander
Aimless as the breeze
That entertains the clouds above
And sways the verdant trees

I find the clock is meaningless
The sun a better judge
Than hands that savor not the warmth
Yet spin through winter’s trudge

I spy upon the firefly
Dancing beacon in the dark
And try to read the stories
Told by each elusive spark

The song that fills both day and night
Unwritten symphony
Buoyant voice of living earth
Singing blue-skied melody

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