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The Last Day of School

With a heavy heart I hope for you
Dreams in all their beauty true
Paths that lead to sunny days
I trust in you as we part ways
To choose as only you can choose
Build a place to house your muse
Forget not words that hold some meaning
And hear the good amidst the keening
The wonder in your widened eyes
An anxious wish denied disguise
The outbound door has been thrown wide
Behold the limitless other side
Travel well toward journey’s end
Shape the road on which you wend


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Not Everything Rhymes

Travel is a great catalyst for writing.  I would be surprised to hear anyone say otherwise.  The disruption of routine, the shift in perspective, the novelty of the sights and sounds, all fuel creativity.  Every place I have ever visited has its own stories, local legends, unique traditions, like wellsprings for the imagination.

Big Sur

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